Online Shopping & Shipping Of Used Vehicles Outside The US

Posted Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Used car ready for international shipping

The auto market in the US boasts some of the best vehicles you can find worldwide. Many automakers manufacture vehicles that are bought and sold exclusively in the US. So many international customers are left wondering how they can also access high-quality vehicles, purchase them, and import them to where they are.

This post will guide you to understand why it might be much better for you to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from the US and export it to your country than buying it there. It will also explain the process and identify a dealership that makes the car buying experience much easier for you.

Why Should You Buy Used Cars From The US?

There is a massive market for purchasing used vehicles from the US and exporting them. The used car market in the US gives international buyers the advantage of getting the same model vehicle overseas at a much better price - even after factoring in all the import taxes for the country of destination. Additionally, many makes and models of cars available in the US are not available in other countries - making this option far more attractive.

The Process Of Buying A Car From The US & Exporting It To Your Country

It can be challenging to shop for cars online and have them shipped to where you are, especially if you do not know how the process works and the right dealerships to purchase from. This section of the post will define a step-by-step process of purchasing a used car from the US to help you understand how it works.

Step 1: Find The Right Dealership

The first and most essential step is to find a reputable dealership offering a wide catalog of quality cars you can buy and import. It is crucial to find a dealership with at least an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is USAA-certified. The right dealership will make all the difference for you.

Step 2: Find Your Dream Car & Secure It With A Deposit

Once you decide on the dealership of your choice, it becomes a matter of searching their catalog for the vehicle you want to purchase. Provided you choose the right dealer, you might have a wide selection of vehicles available. Browse through their catalog for the car that meets your requirements and secure it with a deposit.

Step 3: Wait For Inspection & Complete The Transaction

After you secure the vehicle you want to buy with a deposit, the car should arrive at the dealership. The best dealerships for internationally importing cars from the US perform thorough inspections of the vehicle to ensure no issues with the car you have selected. Once the inspection is done and the vehicle cleared for purchase, you will be required to complete the purchase by transferring the car's remaining value to the dealer.
Unfortunately, you cannot get a vehicle on monthly payments because it has to be fully paid off to clear US customs. It also means that you cannot take it out for a test drive before finalizing the purchase. Fortunately, the inspection process at the dealership gives you the peace of mind that you are making the right investment

Step 4: Arranging Transportation To A Shipping Port & Shipping To Your Country

Many people find the final step the most challenging when shopping for used cars in the US. You first need to find a reliable transportation company that will transport your newly bought vehicle from the dealership to the nearest seaport in the US and ships it to your country.
Once the car arrives, you might have to go through an extensive process to clear your car with customs and adapt it to your country’s local standards. This is where LA Auto Star comes in to make a difference.

Purchasing & Shipping High-Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles Made Easy With LA Auto Star

LA Auto Star is a full-service car dealership with an extensive catalog of quality vehicles. We do more than just help you find the car of your dreams. Here’s where shopping for cars from the US with LA Auto Star gives you an advantage:

  • ● Our service includes customizing your purchase with desired accessories to match your preferences, arranging transportation to a local US port, and shipping to your country.
  • ● We conveniently have an international port near our geographic location, saving you money on long-distance transportation costs. Of course, you always have the option to choose a transportation company yourself
  • ● After facilitating the shipping, we work with companies in some countries that will assist you with customs and vehicle adaptation to your local standards.

When you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from LA Auto Star, you do not just get the American car of your dreams for a better price. The car will arrive to you, ready to drive, and we will be there to assist you with everything from purchasing the car to delivery to your home.
Visit our International Sales page for more information or call us at (757) 267-6568. We would be more than happy to help.