LA Auto Star Showrrom

As a US car dealer, we know local market in the United States from inside out.
With this knowledge we can make your dream of a new imported muscle car or a truck into reality. We stand for our guaranteed all-around service, from purchase to arrival!

How it Works:

We are a full-service car dealership with a wide variety of quality automobiles. We can customize your purchase with desired accessories before it shipped to you. Our specialists are standing by and ready to search for your dream car. Just tell us your preferences and we will match your desires with a quality vehicle that you will proudly own and enjoy

  1. Find your dream muscle car or a truck in our inventory or make an individual request (special order)
  2. You choose your new muscle car and secure it with a deposit. We use our funds to purchase this vehicle.
  3. After vehicle arrives at our dealership and goes through inspection we will finalize this transaction with electronic signatures and international funds transfer by wire.
  4.  We will arrange transportation to local US port and shipping to your country. Conveniently we have international port at our geographic location so you will save on long distance transportation charges. Or you can use transportation company of your choice.
  5.  We work with companies in some countries that can assist you with customs and vehicle adaptation to your local standards. Your new dream car will be delivered to you ready to drive.
    We are at your side during the entire process and follow the logistics from vehicle purchase to delivery to your country. So you can look forward to your new Car from US without any worry or risk.